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Gilbert Trout Hatchery was founded in 1869 and has been running ever since. Since its creation the Gilbert Trout Hatchery has been a company devoted to raising trout; some of which have supplied places locally and as far away as Canada. The Hatchery itself resides in Chiltonville, a hamlet of Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Gilbert Trout Hatchery is in the heart of the forest in Plymouth. It is close in proximity to Myles Standish State Park and retains its own majestic beauty. Also located on the grounds of the Trout Hatchery is Black Feather Horse Rescue and Chiltonville Fly Fishermen Club.

Please call for an appointment: 508-951-4685

Chiltonville Fly Fishermen
The Chiltonville Fly Fishermen Club enjoys use of the grounds owned and surrounding the Hatchery. Many paths surrounding great fishing areas have been cleared out allowing club members to utilize this unique area to its fullest. The club is in its second year of operation and with its second year more fishing areas have been cleared and repaired and more fishing locations have been created and improved upon. For more information check out www.chiltonvilleflyfishermen.com.

Black Feather Horse Rescue
The Black Feather Horse Rescue is also a somewhat recent addition to the grounds of the Trout Hatchery. Barns and stables house over a dozen individual horses who were abandoned or abused at some time or another. Since its foundation the Horse Rescue has grown thanks to donations from generous people and continuous hard work by Darlene Nickerson, the rescues owner and operator. Many horses have been saved thanks to Darlene's work and over the years it will continue to save the lives of innocent horses in need. For more information check out www.blackfeatherhorserescue.org.